The District of Sitamarhi comes under two Parliamentary Constituency. As per the assembly constituency is concerned the District is represented by eight assembly segments.

Sr. No. No. and Name of Parliamentary Constituency No and Name of Assembly Constituency
1 04‐Sheohar (Part) 23-RIGA
2 04‐Sheohar (Part) 30-BELSAND
3 05‐Sitamarhi 24-BATHANA(SC)
4 05‐Sitamarhi 25-PARIHAR
5 05‐Sitamarhi 26-SURSAND
6 05‐Sitamarhi 27-BAJPATTI
7 05‐Sitamarhi 28-SITAMARHI
8 05‐Sitamarhi 29-RUNNISAIDPUR